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Traffic Police

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In case you have chosen your own transport like a car or motorbike and are driving around in Thailand you will be – sooner or later – stopped by the Royal Thai Traffic Police.

No worries, road stops are common practice all over the world. Don’t panic.

The officers are usually very friendly and just doing their jobs, means they will check: Insurance, helmets when on a motorbike and driving licenses. Sometimes they search the car for drugs. Never seen or heard they are checking the condition of the car or speeding but that might come somewhere in the future.

Drugs: Simply stay away from drugs in Thailand, consequences can be very unpleasant and costly. Random drugs test can occur at any time. Last raid here in Chiang Mai happened on February 18, 2016 at Zoe in Yellow Bar & Night Club. Read more here.

Helmet: Easy thing, always wear a helmet on the motorbike.

Insurance: If it is your own vehicle make sure its insured, if it is a rental one asked for insurance papers.

Driving License: Make sure you have a driving license on you. International licenses are being accepted. If you stay longer in Thailand, try to get a Thai driving license.

In case you will be fined do not accept the offer of paying on the spot because the money will go right into the officers’ pocket and he will use it to pay off his Condo or brand new Pick Up.

Instead, hand in your driving license or passport, visit the relevant traffic police office couple hours later, pay the fine and receive your documents back.

The fines are much cheaper then the bribe! Fine for not wearing a helmet ฿200, bribes starts usually at ฿500  but the officer might even ask for more.


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