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I discovered that studying Thai Language at the International College of Payap University is a very good addition to my studies at LI CMU. I just did not learn fast enough because at CMU we are only having 6 hours a week and I almost forgotten all about I learned the previous week when returning to school the next week.

PU offers 8 levels of intensive Thai Language Course, each contains 60 hours spread into 5 weeks. Level one and two only teaches vocabulary, each day another topic such as the the weather ans seasons, traveling, greeting, going to the market, numbers / dates / times and so forth. PU starts teaching the Thai Alphabet with level 3. Classes are held Mondays to Fridays 9 to 12 with a small coffee break in between.

The way they teach is really pleasant and helpful because of the structure explained above. It is said to be best Language Course in Chiang Mai and I do agree with this. I have taken Level two and I am planning more levels in the near future.

You will find the Campus behind Big C Extra between Highways 11 / 3029 / 118 and 1006.

Please click here to see the location on the map.

As far as I am aware PU does not offer One-Year Visa Support.

The cost per course are ฿8000 / €206.50 or ฿15000 / €387 per two courses.

Payap Intensive Thai

Payap Intensive Thai

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