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Thai Consulate Vientiane

Royal Thai Consulate Vientiane, Laos

Royal Thai Consulate Vientiane, Laos

The Royal Thai Consulate Vientiane is one of the most popular Consulates for foreigners in Thailand. The Consulate supports Tourist and Non Immigration Visa Affairs.

Unfortunately, the even though there is a English Language button on their website, informations about consular affairs are still in Thai Language only. Not really helpful for the majority of visitors.

I went there because I needed to cancel my ED Visa and apply for a IB Non Immigrant Visa which I needed to apply for a work permit in Thailand and here comes my experience:

First, the Royal Thai Consulate Vientiane is located on and not on the Embassy compound itself. This is a useful information when you book your accommodation which should be close to the consulate because you will have to be there very early. Second, make sure the day you apply for your Visa and the next day are not National Holidays. I almost made that mistake. Third, make sure that your kind of Visa is supported by them as they do not handle all Visa affairs.

You can only hand in your application form from 8.30 until 11.30 and pick up your Visa the next day between 13.30 and 15.30. As I mentioned before, be early. I went there around 6.30 and found a queue of about 100 people in front of me.

Have your documents ready (application form/copy of all relevant pages of your passport and of course some pictures 2 inch) and cash. I paid in Thai Baht but local currency might be fine, too. Cash only. Whilst waiting in the queue you will be approached by strangers claiming they work for the Consulate and could help you to jump the queue and speed up things. Don’t fall for it. There might be private companies in Vientiane who could help you with your Visa affairs but I did not experience it myself. Please do not forget to bring a bottle of water, it will get very hot while waiting.

At 7.30 the gate will be opened and if you lucky you might be able to get a free seat under the roof.

Royal Thai Consulate Vientiane, Laos

Royal Thai Consulate Vientiane, Laos

At 8.30 they start giving out numbers and checking your documents. I got my number around 11am. Now you can hand in your application at the counter. Your documents will be checked again, you will pay the fee and get a receipt. That’s it for today, you are done.

Enjoy the grey and dusty city. Guess now you are as hungry as I was and I would like to recommend the Scandinavian Bakery, excellent place to have a decent coffee and sandwich. You will find the bakery here.

Pick up your Visa the next day between 13.30 and 15.30. Again, try to be there a bit earlier, the same amount of people that you met the day day before will be there again, too. (and not everybody had the chance to shower or change cloth in between) Naughty me, sorry.  Don’t forget to bring your receipt and queue number.

Your number will be called on the display and you can approach the designated counter. If your application has been approved, you will receive your Visa stamped into your passport. If not, well, that is bad luck and your money is gone. Since 2014 the Thai Military Government tried to stop the so called “Tourist Visa Runs” which enabled foreigners in the past to stay in Thailand for many years. Now they check the amount of Tourist Visa stamps in your passport and I met some people there who’s Visa application for another Tourist Visa got denied.

Your way out of this misery would be to apply for a Visa other then a Tourist Visa or simply get a new clean passport.

If you like to know how to get to Vientiane and back again send me a message. I am happy to help.

2 thoughts on “Thai Consulate Vientiane

  1. Harvie

    Hi Michael, did you use an agency to get your Non-b or did you do it all yourself? Just wondering how difficult the whole process is of getting the paperwork ready.


    1. Michael Post author

      Hello, I got all necessary documents from my employer and applied in person at the Royal Thai Consulate in Vientiane. It all went smooth.

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