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ResidenceCertificate 635-284

You will need a Residence Certificate for instance when you apply for a Thai driving license or if you like to purchase a car or motorbike. You can apply for it at the Immigration office. Here in Chiang Mai this would be the one located opposite the Promenada Shopping Mall a bit outside town and not the one next to the airport. If you accidentally end up at the wrong office at least you are on the correct road already. From the Immigration Office at the Airport,make a U-turn and continue straight on for a couple of km towards San Kampheang, on Highway 1141.

You will have to cross the Ping River, the train tracks and Highway 11. After this you will see Promenada Shopping Mall to your left an make a U-turn at the next crossing. Watch out for the Krua Pla Thong Restaurant, turn left there and go straight. You will see the Immigration office a bit off the road. You can’t miss it because there are normally hundreds of immigrant workers applying for their work permit and the whole place appears very crowded. First think you notice is a guy who tries to charge you Baht 10 for parking. Don’t pay, it’s free and it says so on a big sign.

Please click here to see the location on the map.

immigration opposite Promenada


You will get the the application form in room 4 (left hand side), fill it in and hand it together with ฿500 / €13.20, your passport, 2 2- inch pictures, rental or purchase contract of your living space and copies of all relevant pages of your passport and – if all is OK – you can pick up the certificate the next day after lunch. Don’t forget to bring your queue number even though the officer at counter 2 did not ask for it. Be aware of Thai National Holidays!

You can find a list of fees of various Thai Governmental documents here.

For the application form please click here.

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