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New Rules Visa Extension 2017

Thai Land Border


Here are the new rules regarding border crossing into the Kingdom of Thailand by land  without having a visa. Those have been issued by the Ministry of Interior on 26 May 2016 and will be implemented on 31 December 2016. The limitation of these regulations does not apply to Malaysian Nationals.

It only effects border crossing through land checkpoints for Non Thai Nationals without a Visa. It is called Visa on Arrival based on the exemption rule.

Nationals as listed further down in this blog are entitled a 30-days Visa exemption when entering through a land border checkpoints with a maximum of two entries per calendar year. Those Visa may be extended by additional 30-days at the local Immigration office ( Baht 1900).

After 60 days in the Kingdom one must leave the country. The entering of the Kingdom through International Airports will not be effected by this rule, so does it not effect entering of the Kingdom possessing a valid Visa.

Visa Exception Countries eligible for a 30-days Visa on Arrival:

Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Brazil Brunei Darussalam
Canada Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France
Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary Iceland Indonesia
Ireland Israel Italy Japan South Korea Kuwait
Luxembourg Liechtenstein Malaysia Monaco Netherlands New Zealand
Norway Oman Peru Philippines Portugal Poland
Qatar Singapore Slovak Slovenia Spain South Africa
Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States of America

Countries not mentioned above will either receive a 15-days Visa on Arrival or will have to apply for a Visa at the local Royal Thai Consulate or Embassy before traveling to Thailand.

Please contact your local embassy to verify the new rules or what would be the regulations for your specific case, it does change so quick here in Thailand.

To boost tourism, Thai Consulates have waived the fee for such Visa until I guess end of February 2017.

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