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Language Institute Part 2

Language Institute CMU

Language Institute CMU

Language Institute Part 2

All comes to an end I have successfully completed the 216 – hour Thai Language and Culture Program offered by the Language Institute.

There is no exam, they will issue a certificate just for attendance higher then 80%.


Well, now everybody asks “do you speak Thai?” No I don’t. Why? In a nutshell, they are giving too much information in just 216 hours, spread during an entire year with two large term breaks.

We had three hours on Mondays and three hours on Wednesdays. Basically, what I have learned the week before I almost forgotten when back to school the next week, let alone after a six weeks term break.

To be fair, I am not picking up as quick as I did when I was student  – so you might experience differently.

Here some topics out of class: reading, writing, speaking and listening, tones (low, falling, high, rising and mid-tone), tone rules (consonants in combination with long or short vowels), grammar, tenses, writing essays in Thai language ( with the use of Google translate app), visiting some cultural events in and around Chiang Mai and much more.

To me, I would have a long way to go before I really speak the language. I wished, the instructor at CMU LI would have been more senior and they would have taken our learning pace into consideration rather than making sure all topics have been discussed. Six hours a week is definitely not enough, should have been double.

However, it is a nice and easy way to get a One Year ED Visa without having to show any funds in ones  account and I was told one even can study 2 more years after that.

Last Note:

Effective 31st March 2015 – the maximum age for students to apply for this program will be 55 years due to the regulations related to the issuance of Non Immigrant Education visas as per the request of Chiang Mai Immigration for Chiang Mai University’s 1-Year Certificate in Thai Language Program.   

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