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3BB Internet Thailand

3BB Internet Thailand

I recently moved to a new place and needed a Home Internet connection.

I found that I could choose between TOT (Telephone Organization of Thailand), 3BB, AIS Fibre and True Online.

The best way to check whether or not a cable company can hook you up on your specific address is to visit a large Shopping Mall and talk to all providers.They will roughly check if there is a connection point near your address. Why roughly, well, read on.

I ruled out AIS Fibre because I don’t need that speed. My second choice was TOT as my neighbors were rather happy with them but TOT asked me to pay 12 month plus installation fee upfront as I was a Non-Thai National. I kept that as last option. I then found that True Online actually had the best offer: 30Mbps Download speed, some TV channels and a sim card for the mobile phone including some credits for calls and mobile internet for ฿799 / €19.95 plus VAT ) a month AND True Online turned out to be the only company where one has not to pay upfront. I did signed up for a one year contract and have been told that the service guys will show up in 1 or 2 days in order to establish the physical connection. They did, made same intense measurements and found that my house was too far away from the tapping point. They just said one word: Cancel. I returned to the True shop and cancelled my subscription.

Next stop: 3BB. Turned out they had a better software in order to measure the distance between tapping point and my house and connection was possible. I signed up for a one year contract and – not being a Thai National – had to pay for 6 month upfront (฿590 plus VAT / €14.75 per month) plus I had to pay for the router ฿650 /€16.20. Guess I could have bought a router by myself but what the heck. Later I found the router is very basic with no external antenna and coverage of house and garden is rather poor. Better get a more sophisticated router elsewhere.

I was told the service guys will turn up the next day but they did not. I waited three days and called the shop. Seemed I have been forgotten but they hooked me up the same day. I have chosen the slowest speed of 10Mbps as one could always upgrade if necessary. I always measure on watching videos on YouTube and that works just fine so I will not upgrade.

Big surprise: The speed test revealed a slightly higher download rate then I signed up for.

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