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Foreign National Information

Foreign National Information Thailand 2016

Foreign National Information Thailand 2016

This “controversial” document recently introduced by Thai Immigration is being rolled out nationwide since May 2016. It requires you to fill in your own and third persons’ details.





To whom applies this document?


” This form shall be used for making record of information of every alien entering and staying in the Kingdom of Thailand and shall be submitted with:

  • Notification of Residence for Aliens
  • 90- days Notification
  • Extension of Stays
  • Re-Entry Permit
  • all cases involving Alien labors.”


The following data are required to fill in:

  • Aliens Information including Father’s and Mother’s full names
  • Information on Alien’s Home Country including information of the community leader for nationals of Laos PDR,Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam
  • Address in Thailand including mobile phone number
  • Frequently used social media such as Facebook, Line ID, Email Accounts, others (optional)
  • Vehicle (Brand/ Model/Color/License Plate Number)
  • Frequently visited Places or Premises such as club, restaurant,shop hospital etc.)
  • Emergency contact person (2.7.1 Thai National and 2.7.2 Foreign National)
  • Bank Account Number (only required for certain types of visa applications): Bank. branch, account number account name

Because this document has just been rolled out there are no comments and experiences from visitors so far but the Thai officials strongly recommend to complete the form entirely.


“Maj Gen Chachaval Vachirapaneegul, Deputy Commissioner of the Immigration Bureau’s crime suppression unit, told on Wednesday (May 18 2016) that new form, titled “Foreign National Information Form” is mandatory.

“In the past, immigration lacked information about foreign nationals living in Thailand when problems happened. This updated information will help is catch foreigners faster,” he said.

“The information is will be linked our data system and will not be revealed or given to others (sic). The information collected will be kept private, but will be used for national security purposes”, he said.

He also assured that the details of the “Foreign National Information Form” would remain secure. “We will keep all details provided on a secure server and they will only be shared with other law-enforcement agencies when needed,” he said.

Gen Chachaval made plain his position on the use of the new form: “If a foreigner doesn’t want to fill in their information by themselves, they will be questioned for our records anyway. If they don’t fill in the form, we will suspect their reason.

Last but not least you will find this warning on the form:

“Providing false information to an officer, shall be punished under the Penal Code.”

As till now, the form does not have a TM number which would classify it as official Immigration document and so far it is not available as PDF file on their website.

Please click the button below to download the document.


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