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ED Visa Extension

This post is an update of the ones earlier and aims to give you up to date information if you need to extent your Non Immigrant ED Visa in Chiang Mai.

With immediate effect (01 December 2016) one has to apply for extension at the Immigration Office Room 2 at Promenada Shopping Mall. Visa Extension at the Immigration Office near Chiang Mai Airport is no longer possible.

As mentioned earlier, the ED Visa can only obtained outside Thailand and needs to be extended twice  (if you enrolled for a One Year Program). The initial validity is three month, first extension will grant you another three month and the last extension will grand you six month.

In order to apply for extension please have the following with you:

Form TM. 7 (Application for Extension of Temporary Stay in the Kingdom)

Please note your mobile number or email address underneath your signature

Application fee Baht 1900

Copy first page passport

Copy visa page and when you last entered Thailand (entry stamp)

Copy of departure card

Visa supporting documents of your school

(Please allow your school 2 to 3 weeks to prepare those documents and your performance sheet must be attached)

2 inch photo (one)

Proof of Address reporting – New

Proof of address reporting either from your landlord or if you stay in a hotel or guesthouse by yourself.  This can be done while you at Immigration at the main office. In return, Immigration will attach a receipt into your passport. This service is free of charge.

With all this documents please go to room 2 where your documents will be checked and you will be given a queue number and a time when you should come back.



What’s next?

Your number will be called and your documents will be checked again. If anything isn’t the way it should be you you will be asked to complete your documents and come back, despite the fact that your documents have been checked earlier.

In my case it appeared that the Immigration Officer needed proof that my Non Immigration B Visa had been cancelled which I had prior to the ED Visa. It seems that – if for any reason – a Visa has been voided e.g by an employer – they did not leave Thailand within one week as requested by law but remained in Thailand until that Visa expired. If Immigration catches you with it you will be classified as over stayer and punished accordingly.

Luckily, I left Thailand four days before my employment contract was terminated and everything was fine.

Leaving Thailand without Re Entry Permit did not void my Non Immigrant B Visa so it seemed.

If the Immigration Officer is happy with your documents, you will be asked to pay the fee, your picture will be taken, your application will be registered into the system, your application and passport will be given to the department head who will – or will not – sign off your application.

If your application has been denied, the fee is gone.

Come to Immigration as early as possible  (6/7 am)and do expect to receive your Extension early afternoon if all goes fine.

Btw, obtaining an ED Visa is very simple and straight forward, it allows you to stay in Thailand as long as you attend school and behave, no proof of funds needed. Recently, an age limit of 55 have been implemented.


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