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In Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiang Mai you will find a huge choice of guest houses, hotels and apartments. Here comes my experience with accommodations in Chiang Mai:

Guest House

Typical Double Room in a Guest House

Typical Double Room in a Guest House

First two nights in Chiang Mai I spend in a Guest House named Ammarapat House. I did not make any arrangements prior to arrival and randomly picked a guest house near Tapae Gate. It turned out to be a dirty room with a mattress that should have been disposed years ago. In the bathroom I found blank power cables leading to the electrical water header. One can only image the consequences if one is not careful enough. I found another guest house just a few meters further down the road next to Wat Chomphu called House Robert of Switzerland. What a day night difference. After inspecting the rooms I initially made a reservation for one week. The room was nice and clean, the mattress acceptable and the bathroom clean and save. The landlady was very kind and even arranged a TV set into my room. I stayed with them for another three month. I was charged  ฿5000 per month including all bills. I got cable TV, WiFi and later been given the room at the end of the building which provided a bit of privacy. At one point I decided that I do not have to stay in downtown Chiang Mai any more  and that it was time to move to a bit more privacy, less noise and maybe some green.

Sunny balcony at House of Robert

Sunny balcony at House of Robert

NaTaRa Exclusive Residence

A friend of mine has been renting a nice apartment at Natara Residence and needed to travel abroad for some time . He ask me if I would like to take over the lease for the next six month and I agreed.

Natara is located at Canal Road, 2kms away from the popular Nimmanhaemin Road and Chiang Mai University. It is situated inside Lake Land gated community. The apartment had 100sqm of living space and a 30sqm balcony. It was fully furnished with exclusive furniture, had a large living room with open kitchen, a bedroom, a large bathroom with bathtub and a guest bathroom.

What a difference to the basic guest house room. However, it does come with a price tag though. Monthly rent based on a One Year contract is ฿21.000 plus bills for water and electricity, ฿2000 per month. The bills are higher then usual because one has to pay water for the pool as well and they charge double per electricity unit, namely ฿ 8.00. It is common practice in Thailand within apartment buildings to almost double the price per unit for water and electricity and often you are obliged to use their internet provider.

Anyhow, I loved my new home away from the busy and noisy downtown area. I loved the large balcony, the silence and fresher air and the pool of course.

What I did not really like was the noises from departing planes and the barking of the street dogs during night time. Seemed no one was really responsible for street dogs in Lake Land and the authorities do not have a responsible department do deal with them.

Natara Exclusive Residence Chiang Mai

Natara Exclusive Residence Chiang Mai

House with Garden

This time I decided to go on the lookout for a house with big garden. I searched online and contacted all major housing agencies.Here are some links of agencies:

It seems the further away from Chiang Mai’s City Center the cheaper it gets and the bigger the garden. Two things remained the same though, regardless of the agency, landlord or distance: Minimum lease would be one year and three times monthly rent to be paid upfront (deposit * 2 plus first rent * 1).

Within a week of house hunting and couple of viewings I found the perfect home. It is located on the old Chaing Mai-Lamphun Road (106) 5kms away from the Iron Bridge at Anusarn Market. Not too close to the center and not too far out either if one would like to go downtown for a quick drink.

The house has 90sqm of living space divided into two large bedrooms with own bathrooms, a study room, a large entrance hall with could function as a living room, a living room and a kitchen. It comes semi-furnished, just the way I wanted my new home to be. The house was almost brand new, just been build 1.5 years ago and had only one tenant before me. Around the house there is a large garden and a huge carport which could easily accommodate three large Pick Ups. I use it to dry my laundry. All around the house is a garden with green grass, jack fruit  and mango trees and some palm trees.The rent is ฿ 15.000 plus bills such as electricity and water. There is no TV cable or Internet connection. Please read here about my experience to have a Internet connection installed.


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