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90 Days Notification

receipt of notification original 635-284

The official term is: “Notification of staying in the Kingdom over 90 days” and, you might have guessed, applies to all Non-Thai Nationals in the Kingdom. If your Visa allows you to to stay longer than 90 days you will need to report your address every 90 days. You may do so personally at the Immigration Office or have yourself represented by a third party or by registered mail. You may do so 15 days prior to due date or 7 days after due date. If you fail to report you might experience some difficulties when entering Thailand again.

Reporting in person to the Immigration Office in Chiang Mai:

The easiest and most effective way to report is to do so in person even though the Thai Officials encourage you to report by registered mail due to the fact that Chiang Mai Immigration is at its limits.  You can only report at the newly opened Immigration office ( as of 15 July 2015) at the Promenada Shopping Mall. Why they have chosen such a remote location far outside the City and not the empty building next to the Immigration office at the airport is a mystery to me. My wild guess is to bring some customers the the dying shopping mall.

You will find the Mall on highway 1141 between Superhighway 11 and Highway 3029. Please note you can no longer do reporting at the Immigration office next to the Airport, except you are extending your VISA that very day. Click here to see the location of Promenada Mall on the map.

Bring your passport, your current address and 2 pictures. Contact the small reception desk outside the office, you will be given a form and a queue number. Usually you should have sufficient time now to complete the form ( current address, kind of Visa, when entered the Kingdom and so forth) and to make copies of all relevant pages of your passport (personal details, entry stamp, visa, departure card) at the copy shop next to it. The staff at the reception desk is very kind and helpful if you need assistance with this.

Your number will be called and you will receive a receipt of notification tagged into your passport with the next reporting due date on it. Reporting is free of charge. Please mind the lunch break from noon till 1pm.

Chiang Mai Immigration

Above: Chiang Mai Promenada Immigration OfficeServices

If you would like to report to Thai Immigration via registered mail, you will need to send the following required documents:

  • Copy of all passport pages (up to the latest arrival stamp in the Kingdom or latest visa stamp)
  • Copy of arrival/departure card TM. 6 (front and back)
  • Previous notifications of staying over 90 days (if any)
  • Completely filled in and signed notification form TM. 47
  • Envelope with 5 Baht stamp affixed and return address of foreigner for the officer in charge to send back the lower part of form TM. 47 after having received the notification. This part must be kept for reference and for future notifications of staying over 90 days.

I prefer not to mention the address here because it might change. Please Google it to be sure.

You may also report online but I have no experience with it. Please click here to read more about it..

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